Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let The Rolling Begin!

Today, I put just under 70 peaches in a big brown envelope, addressed it to a new friend in Budapest, and let our peaches from Van Meter, Iowa roll! 

The kids were excited to hear that their peaches journey had begun.  I cannot wait to hear what the students estimate in math class.  They will talk about distance and time.  

Any guesses how long this journey will take?  

And something else exciting happened today.

Five more teachers joined our "Peachy Project" and are going to have their students ROLL peaches too for "Follow That Peach."  

I have added Staci, Tracy, Kathy, Jennifer, and a brand new connection from South Burlington, Vermont, Caliope, to the sidebar of this blog.  I also added another table to the Google Doc we have all been collaborating in for this project.  The new participants will now add their information and we will come up with a travel schedule for them as well. 

This is turning out to be such an amazing way to start the year!  The students and teachers are having such a great time learning together, connecting, and collaborating.  

Let the rolling begin......

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