Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Van Meter's Peaches Arrived!

Mrs Ducharme is the librarian in Budapest, Hungary
Here in Budapest, we are so excited to get peach-grams in the mail from our new friends at Van Meter.

They arrived yesterday afternoon at 3:00 pm our time. We're sending ours to you today (Wednesday). Wonder how long they will take?

We agree with your reasons for loving James and the Giant Peach, too: the funny parts, the insect characters, and the scene when the gulls pull the peach into the sky. We also loved the names of your peaches, like "Cutie Pie" and "Fuzzy" and "Bubby."

You put your pictures on your peaches which makes it extra fun. We'll show our photos on this blog so you can see who we are when you get our peaches!

Thanks, Van Meter Grade 3's for sending us Peach-Grams!

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