Monday, October 3, 2011

A Peachy Party!

A Peachy Cake
On Friday afternoon, the four sections of grade 3 at AIS-Budapest celebrated their love of Roald Dahl with a Peachy Party! 

Willy Wonka
Children brought in snacks to share (mostly candy ala Willy Wonka) and some revolting recipes, too.

Lots of children dressed in costumes of their favorite characters. We had a Willy Wonka (see below) a centipede (with stuffed socks as legs along both sides of his body), ladybugs, foxes, and lots of Witches.

Each class prepared an "Oompa Loompa" dance to share; this was a fun team-building activity.

Yummy snacks?
Willy Wonka's Caramel Clusters
We ended the party with a surprise Skype call from our friends at Stratham in New Hampshire! They asked us about where we are from, and we showed them our dances and costumes. Wish they could have tasted some of the cake, too!

Here we are on Skype with Mr. G's class

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